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Sugarflair - food coloring - chocolate color white

Sugarflair - food coloring - chocolate color white


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Sugarflair - food coloring - chocolate color white

Sugarflair's white chocolate coloring is ideal for chocolate coloring. Made from colored cocoa butter, the chocolate color is specifically designed to add vibrancy to the chocolate. Simply heat the paint in the microwave and then brush the paint over a chocolate mold or onto an acetate sheet to create colorful designs.

White dyes without titanium dioxide take away the yellow edge, they help to lighten sugar paste and reduce the yellow tint in buttercream and chocolate.

Remove the lid and microwave the paint at full power (800W) in 10 second intervals until the contents begin to melt. Stir well and repeat the process until completely melted. Alternatively, you can melt the dye by placing the dye in warm water.

Please note that the appearance of these dyes inside the pot can be disturbing due to the "mold-like", white markings and circular spots on the cocoa chocolate. However, we can assure you that these stains are not mold, but a natural separation process known as cocoa butter efflorescence or "fat efflorescence." This "efflorescence" occurs during the manufacturing process when the dye is cooled or tempered and uneven crystals form. In order for mold to grow, it needs water, and chocolate is classified as anhydrous (it contains no water). When you re-melt the chocolate dye, the stains disappear and it works and tastes as expected.

best before date

best before date


Cool, dark, dry


Cocoa butter, color: E170.

This product is: Kosher certified, suitable for vegetarians, suitable for vegans.

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