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silicone baking mat

silicone baking mat


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Convince yourself of this baking mat - get perfect baking results. Take a look at the comparison in the photo gallery. With this baking mat you get nice texture on the back of your biscuits and even baking. With Sugar Cookies it is important that they give up something but keep the form. After baking, the horse should still look like a horse and not a hippopotamus. This baking mat allows you to keep the horse a horse even after baking. Simply place the silicone baking mat on the baking tray or grid and bake cookies, dough, bread or anything else on the mat. It is heat resistant up to 230 degrees.


Before first use, clean with a little washing-up liquid and warm water

Do not place the silicone mat directly on the oven floor. First on a baking sheet or baking rack and then in the oven

Do not use sharp objects or even knives to remove the baked goods.

Please also do not cut anything on the mat, this could busy the mat and make it unusable.

To clean the silicone mat, use some washing-up liquid and warm water. It is NOT dishwasher safe.

The baking mat should not be folded, you can either store it flat or slightly rolled up.




approx. 40 x 30 cm

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