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Color Mill oil based food coloring - Teal - Turquoise - 20ml

Color Mill oil based food coloring - Teal - Turquoise - 20ml


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Color Mill oil based food coloring - Teal - Turquoise - 20ml

With Color Mill's oil-based food colors you can achieve flawless, bright and wonderfully strong colors for your cakes. Color Mill oil blends allow color to spread into any part of a high-fat medium, including sugar, eggs and butter. That's because all water-based materials have been removed and replaced with baking and cake-friendly oils; these oils mix much better than water-based gel (which we know repel water from the oils in your pastry).

Unlike traditional gel paints, Color Mill Oil Blend loves the fats and oils found in your baked goods and uses them to distribute the special color formula. The result is stunningly bright, rich and even tones that won't fade. It is particularly suitable for buttercream, Swiss meringue, chocolate, cake batter, ganache and sugar paste. It also works in flower pastes, gumpastes, modeling pastes, marzipan, cake mixes, pastries, icing, isomalt, piping gel, cake lace mixes and more.

Not only will your cakes look stunning, but with Color Mill you'll also get more color for your money. The high concentration means you use much less than you normally would for even brighter and more colorful results. You only need a tiny drop at a time to achieve your desired shade - we recommend using the end of a toothpick.

If you use more drops, the color will be more intense, if you use less, you will get softer tones. Build the color slowly as you mix your batter to achieve the desired shade.

As the paint settles on the bottom of the bottle, please shake vigorously before each use.

best before date

best before date


Store in a cool, dry place.


Glycerin E422, rapeseed oil, coloring: E120, E133, emulsifier: E322, E433. Suitable for use in food.

Store at 15-20°C in a dark place.

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