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Simple and delicious sugar cookies recipe - 3-2-1 shortcrust pastry

Dive into the enticing world of Sugar Cookies!

Hey, welcome to a sweet adventure into the world of Sugar Cookies! They are already popular in America, England and Australia and now we would like to bring them to Switzerland as well, because we still see far too few Sugar Cookies creations and would like to change that with our baking ingredients and baking accessories.

What are Sugar Cookies? Well, they are characterized by their crumbly texture and sweet touch that make them simply irresistible. The main ingredients are butter, sugar, flour and eggs, but the variations are endless. A simple recipe is the 3-2-1 shortcrust biscuits. Flour, butter, sugar and egg are added to the dough. This in the ratio 3-2-1. So 3 parts flour, 2 parts butter and 1 part sugar.

Sugar cookies can be decorated in different ways. In America and England it is a trend to decorate sugar cookies with royal icing - a powdered sugar icing that conjures up stunning designs on the cookies. The artworks are so beautiful it's almost a shame to eat them!

Here are examples of sugar cookies decorated with royal icing.

Sugar Cookies - 3-2-1 shortcrust cookiesSugar Cookies - 3-2-1 shortcrust cookiesSugar Cookies - 3-2-1 shortcrust cookies
*Cookies decorated by lovely @zuckermariechen

But that is not all! Another trend has developed in Australia, where sugar cookies are covered with fondant. There a design is stamped onto the fondant and then glued onto the cookie with edible glue. The results are simply stunning!

Here you can see some pictures with fondant:

Sugar Cookies - 3-2-1 shortcrust cookiesSugar Cookies - 3-2-1 shortcrust cookiesSugar Cookies - 3-2-1 shortcrust cookies

*Photos property of @lissielou

Well, you don't have to wait to try these delicious creations because in this blog post we are going to share an easy Sugar Cookies recipe with you.

Let's conquer Switzerland together with these tempting sugar cookies and share our baking creations with love and passion. Get ready for sweet moments and unforgettable taste experiences!

Have you already baked our irresistible sugar cookies according to the recipe? Show us your artistically decorated masterpieces! Whether you've decorated them with royal icing or covered them in fondant, we're excited to see your one-of-a-kind creations. Don't forget to tag us in your posts so we can see them! #backshopswitzerland #cutmycookies

We will now be regularly sharing recipes for delicious cakes, tempting cupcakes, crispy waffles, heavenly donuts, tender macarons and much more.

So grab your apron, preheat the oven and let's go on a sweet journey together! We can't wait to admire your baked goods and celebrate the joy of baking with you.

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