Wofür verwendet man Stencil – Schablonen?

What are stencils used for?

Templates, also known as stencils, can be used in many ways. Not only to embellish your decorated sugar cookies, but also to give your fondant cover the finishing touch. However, you will also find other craft ideas in the post. Be excited!

Let's start decorating your sugar cookie. After you have decorated the cookie with royal icing and the icing is dry, you can embellish the template using several techniques. Please make sure that the surface of your icing is as straight as possible, you can achieve this by using a slightly more fluid icing.

  1. Airbrush:
    If you have an airbrush machine, you can simply place the stencil on your cookie and slowly spray over the stencil. Please hold the stencil with a scribe or toothpick where you are spraying.
  2. Icing & Scraper:
    However, if you don't have an airbrush machine, use a slightly thicker icing and a scraper. Simply place the stencil on the cookie, place a strip of icing on the scraper and then pull over the stencil. Then carefully remove the template.
  3. Speckle:
    Another variation is dabbing. Use a brush that is cut as straight as possible and food coloring. If you don't have a brush handy, you can use a small sponge or buy a stencil brush at a craft store. Pick up some paint with the brush and gently dab the pattern onto the cookie. Wherever you are dabbing, use the scribe or toothpick to press the foil against the cookie so that no paint runs under the stencil.
  4. Fondant:
    With the fondant you can proceed 1:1 the same way as with the cookie. You simply place the stencil on the fondant instead of the cookie.
  5. painting clothes
    Of course, you can also use the stencils for painting various textiles. Do you want to embellish your cooking apron with a few hearts?
    Here I would also recommend the dabbing method to keep the edges nice. You can find these swabs at a craft store or hardware store. So that the stencil also sticks to the textiles, there is an adhesive spray in the hardware store. You can spray this onto the stencil, let it dry a little and then stick it on the textiles. Then simply wash the stencil with lukewarm water and the adhesive spray is gone.
  6. Craft lesson with the kids
    Coloring in any drawings is too boring for the children? Why not use the stencils as a template and draw a nice picture with them?

Dear friends, I hope I was able to give you some ideas with this post. Of course I would be very happy to see your creations.

Have fun!!



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