Ausstechformen – das kreative Werkzeug für Zuckerbäcker

Cookie cutters - the creative tool for confectioners

Sugar cookies wouldn't taste half as good without the numerous decorative shapes. Passionate hobby bakers should therefore not only have a powerful food processor, but also the right tools in the form of cookie cutters. You can now find out what you should know about these practical helpers.

What are cookie cutters ?

Cookie cutters have as many names as designs. The cookie cutters are known, among other things, as cookie cutters, cookie cutters, or as they are called in Switzerland Guetzli cutters or cookie shapes. All of these terms have in common the purpose of shaping cookie dough or cookie dough a little more creatively. Creative shapes are a must not only for biscuits during the Christmas season, but also for brightly colored sugar cookies. You only have to press the cookie cutter briefly into the rolled out dough and your new career as a confectioner begins.

What are the advantages of cookie cutters?

In theory, it would also be possible to use a knife to cut Sugar Cookies into the desired shape. If you don't have the necessary instinct to shape butterflies, fantasy creatures and numerous other motifs by hand, the cookie cutters can be used. The cutters only take a few seconds to make each cookie. If baking is one of your hobbies, you can also shape marzipan, fondant and puff pastry with the cutters. If, on the other hand, you can't find the cookie cutters at all, it's helpful to look for them in the children's sandbox first. Here you can find many a shape that has since been misused for the sand bakery.

3D printed cutters open up a new creative world

CutmyCookies has set itself the task of making unusual and creative cookie cutters. These are printed from the 3d printer and are therefore not made of metal like the ones you most likely have at home, but of a biodegradable plastic. Of course, all our cutters and embossers are food safe. Thanks to the thin edge of our cutters, you can cut out biscuits and fondant cleanly. you will love them!

Which cookie cutter would you like to have in the shop?

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